Community Improvement

Belief Emadamerho in partnership with City of Detroit (District 3) organized and led two neighborhood cleanup projects in April and May of 2022:

  • The first cleanup was attended by Police Officer Officer Aaron Kraszewski. 
  • The second date of the Neighborhood Cleanup was done in partnership the DECG (Detroit Economic Growth Corporation).


The following goals were achieved during the first Osborn Neighborhood Cleanup Date:

  • This event occured in April 2022.
  •  This was part of a non-profit project that Belief Emardamarho started called "Elevate Higher".
  • Bonding and relationship-forming occurred between the members of Detroit's Osborn neighborhood and their local Neighborhood Police Officer of the Ninth Precinct: Officer Aaron Kraszewski.
  • The project was called the "I Will Not Litter Project".
  • There were 2 groups:
  •  Group 1 signed up people at stop lights and helped them to take the pledge "I will Not Litter". Group 1 was about 8 people. About 40 people took the "I Will NOT Litter" pledge.
  • Group 2 was actually cleaning up the neighborhood. Group 2 consisted of about 7 people. We picked up between 20 and 30 bags of trash and the Osborn neighborhood look re-vitalized after we were done.
  • The entire day consisted of about 6 hours of neighborhood cleanup and community outreach.

The following goals were achieved during the second Osborn Neighborhood Cleanup Date, which was part of the District 3 Motor City Makeover 365:

  • This Osborn Community Cleanup occurred on MAy 21, 2022 as part of the Motor City Makeover 365:
  • The Osborn community members built relationships with and bonded with the members of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) as part of the Motor City Makeover 365.
  • Belief Emadamerho led a group who cleaned the Osborn neighborhood from 11 AM to 4 PM on May 21, 2022. The group collected 20 to 25 bags of trash, and they reached out to members of the community as we cleaned.
  • Mr. Abdul Muhit, the District 3 Liaison to the City of Detroit, called Belief Emardamerho to express the city's sincerest gratitude to Belief for leading the project.

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